Problems Could Be Overcome With Personal Responsibility


What has happened to our neighborhood and our town?

We live on the corner of Airport Road and Vista. Anyone familiar with the area knows about our chain link fence, which lines Airport Road. We have lived in this house for 13 years. Well, my husband received a phone call telling him someone had crashed into our fence. This is not the first time this has happened.

Accidents do happen, but whatever happened to stopping and leaving a note on the door or trying to call us so we can fix the fence to keep the animals in. Wouldn't this be considered common courtesy and the right thing to do?

The part that upsets us the most is we have this fence up to keep our animals in and safe. We have free-range ducks, chickens and a dog. Whoever smacked into the fence didn't bother to let us know and didn't bother to try and pull the fence tight. One of our ducks got out and was run over.

A couple of our nice, responsible neighbors were kind enough to pick her up, wrap her in a towel, put her in the yard, pull the fence tight and call us. We really appreciate their kindness.

Yes, there are a lot more important problems in this town, but we feel a lot of our problems would be solved if everyone took responsibility for their own actions.

Glen and Debbie Farnham, Payson

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