Quit Expecting Free Tax Ride From Smokers


In a recent letter to Mail Call, a three-point plan was published. I would like to respond to the plan and to others who share similar viewpoints. I am addressing selected taxation. The right to smoke or not is another issue.

Recent taxes applied to tobacco products have increased the price of a pack of cigarettes to more than $1 a pack. What if state officials in Phoenix decided Arizona needed a new tax base (automobile drivers). They could state all the same reasons that tobacco products are taxed now.

A. Cuts pollution less excess driving

B. Reduces health risks

C. Cuts medical costs

D. Saves lives less auto accidents

Say state officials vote to add a $1 tax to each gallon of gas we use. At today's price, the added amount would be around $2.50 a gallon. Upsetting? Revolting idea? Then how is it a majority of you can expect a smaller group in this case smokers to keep being the target for more tax increases? Quit expecting smokers to give you a free tax ride.

What next? May we pay your income taxes? How about your property taxes? The old adage that death and taxes cannot be avoided is true. I hope those who propose any new tax plans use more common sense. See that everyone pays their fair share. (Let's) not just heap (the payments) upon a few.

Rick Andrews, Payson

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