Believers Need To 'Turn The Tide Of Secularization'


I would like to add a few thoughts to those written by Richard E. Wentz for the Friday, March 2 Roundup. (In a page 5A column titled "Atheism is a lonely business" he wrote,) "This reality we call God cannot be reduced to the stipulations of private thinking. It can't even be reduced to my hope for salvation or to belief or unbelief.

"This reality we call God has to do with how people think. It is a reality that lives in community. It's a matter of whether a people, not a private self, knows that life is personal, that it is the sum of the parts, that it is more than we know."

It seems to me that the combined media an extremely pervasive community (find that) "their modern minds cannot make a place for God: they can find no reason to believe."

To them, even the traditions of the founders of this great nation seem to have been thrown out like the baby with the bath water. Our coins imprinted "In God we trust" seemingly are among the few surviving vestiges of our community belief in God that their minds still tolerate.

In fact, a substantial number of believers seems to have lost their "voice." I, personally do not believe we can just stand idle as a community of believers and let our voices be silenced without even a concerted whimper.

A small book, which was on the best seller's list recently in the Philosophy and Religion category, entitled "Standing for Something" by Gordon B. Hinkley and with a foreword by Mike Wallace came into my possession through very dear friends.

I have found in the contents an urgent call for believers of every persuasion, as a vital community, to unite as one voice to turn the tide of the persistent wave of secularization weakening our nation's will to continue to have the freedoms that came of the inspiration of (God) to our Founding Fathers.

I heartily endorse the message of this book for all who are interested in overcoming the secularization of America and endorse the author's assertion that "if we are to continue to have the freedoms that came of the inspiration of the Almighty to our Founding Fathers, we must return to the God who is their true author."

Lemuel R. Pace, Payson

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