County Expenses, Not Land Value, Should Affect Tax Rates


As was expressed in the Roundup a few weeks ago by a property owner in Mesa del Caballo, we also would "like to know what is going on" with the 2002 notice of value statement. Our tax statement for Graham Ranch Circle has shown a considerable property value increase.

The explanation you received from Gila County Assessor Dale Hom was that there was a rise in land and property values, and the property has more value than a few years ago. How does this affect tax rates?

Once again, the government sees the opportunity to increase taxes only on the concept that if values increase, taxes must also increase. Nothing is mentioned of increased expenses, as the majority of expenses have already been recovered in the past years for this area and were paid for by the landowners.

We feel that more of an explanation is required and, yes, we plan to appeal.

Jack Arnold and family, Thomas Arnold and family, Mesa del Caballo

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