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Q: I understand Palmer's Furniture has been sold to a liquidator and that almost all the inventory was shipped out and replaced with lower quality furniture. How can they advertise as Palmer's when the store has been sold?

A: According to Craig Miner of PFP, the liquidating company now operating the store, Palmer's Furniture hasn't been sold to anybody. "Darren Palmer has serious back problems, and he hired us to get rid of the inventory," Miner said. "It would be ludicrous under those circumstances for us to bring in new inventory." According to Miner, the store will be open a couple of more months, until the existing lease runs out.

Q: What are the arsenic levels in the Town of Payson's water supply?

A: "Arsenic is not an issue up here," said Mike Ploughe, town hydrologist, "so I'm surprised someone would bring that up. It's usually mining areas where arsenic is an issue."

The latest test results showed no arsenic was detected in east Payson groundwater. Levels in central Payson groundwater ranged between 5 and 30 parts per billion.

"I'm actually surprised by the 30 reading," Ploughe said. "It was probably one well, and it was probably just a fluke."

For a copy of the latest annual water quality report, which has complete test results for some 36 substances, stop by the water department building at Town Hall. According to that document, an arsenic level of 50 parts per billion is the highest level allowed in drinking water by state and federal regulating agencies.

Q: Why doesn't the Roundup print both the buyer's name and seller's name, the purchase price and the address of a house when it's sold, like most big city papers do?

A: "In weighing the news value of such information against the intrusion into people's privacy it would represent, we've chosen not to print such information on a regular basis," Roundup editor Katy Whitehouse said.

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