Character Speakers Left Lasting Impression


As a senior at Payson High School, I will be graduating May 19. Throughout my years of high school, I have met some wonderful people, some interesting people and some people that have left impressions on me that will last my lifetime.

Just recently at the senior conference, I met a few of these people. They spoke about responsibility, fairness, respect, trustworthiness, how to be a good citizen, and about caring for others.

These topics are talked about throughout education, although I have never heard them talked about with such style and grace. I feel that these people, who volunteered to share their time and experiences with us, deserve to be recognized. They truly portrayed what the six pillars of character look like in action, they were strong role models who spoke from the heart and left a strong and profound message that I will be sure to carry with me as I face my future. Thank you.

The speakers were Mr. Pat Pezele, trustworthiness; Mr. Bruce Haught, responsibility; Mr. Mike Wheelis, respect; Lt. Don Engler, citizenship; Mr. Dennis Pirch, caring; and Mrs. Carrie C., fairness.

Hester Kane, Payson

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