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Q: I read in the April 27 Roundup that our per capita water use is 98 gallons per day, but that the household usage is only 51.7 gallons per day. That doesn't add up.

Public Works Director Buzz Walker also said commercial use is 30 percent. Since household use is 26 percent, where does the other 44 percent go to golf courses?

A: We couldn't find all those figures in the Roundup, so we turned to Mike Ploughe, town hydrologist, for a simple explanation of how the town calculates water usage. He said it is based on annual consumption totals, and on 2.4 capita per service connection.

"In the year 2000, per capita usage was calculated at 98 gallons per capita per day," Ploughe said. "That includes commercial usage. Commercial users consume approximately 25 to 30 percent of demand, while residential users consume the remaining 70 to 75 percent."

Golf courses are considered commercial users and are included in the commercial use percentage.

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