Keep Forests Open And Country Free


I do not want to see any more off roads or trails closed off. We already have too many wilderness areas that can't be enjoyed by people such as myself.

I'm 75 years old, I can't ride a horse or do any amount of hiking, but I, with a group of retired friends, go out in our Jeeps and enjoy our national forest.

We are not out there destroying the roads and trails. Matter of fact, many times we're filling the ruts and washouts caused by natural erosion, so I think we are helping maintain these roads and trails. Most of the retirees in our Jeep group have gone to war to keep our country free. Now some group wants to take away the only pleasure we have left in our short remaining life. Two members in our small group are disabled due to wounds of war, as many are, throughout this country. They put their lives on the line to keep our country free. Please don't let this become a country of dictatorship.

Reno Menegon, Payson

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