Sex Bill Will Have Devastating Effects


HB2016 is a bad bill! And now that Governor Hull has signed it into law we will all have the chance to see its devastating effects. In (her) May 8 editorial supporting the bill, the Roundup editor stated that HB2016 "tosses out a piece of legal mumbo jumbo that never did anything to protect the health and welfare of Americans." The truth is that while these 100-year-old laws against homosexuality were not widely enforced, their very existence provided a significant barricade in stifling the progress of the homosexual agenda.

With these laws on the books it proved difficult to impossible for those pushing for the normalization, and even the protected class status, of the homosexual lifestyle to make legal headway. How, for example, can they pressure the government to offer medical insurance to homosexual partners when the very practice is illegal. Sadly, the passing of this bill may very well lead to the time when even a private school or preschool may not have the legal right to refuse to hire an openly homosexual man or woman to care for our children or grandchildren.

I am a Christian, and I am a pastor, and my Bible calls homosexual behavior an "abomination." This is the strongest language used anywhere in the Scriptures to express God's displeasure with any type of behavior.

My hat is off to Len Munsil, and to the members of his staff at the Center for Arizona Policy, for waging a valiant effort to try and defeat this bill. At the same time I wish to express my extreme disappointment in our Arizona Legislatures for passing this bill, and in Governor Jane Hull for signing this bill into law, in spite of receiving phone call and emails at a rate of three to one against this bill.

Ted Leonard, Payson

Editor's note: Although Mr. Leonard has interpreted the laws addressed in HB2016, which prohibited "open and notorious cohabitation," meaning two people living together without benefit of marriage; "crime against nature," meaning sodomy and oral sex, even between married couples; and "lewd and lascivious acts," which the Arizona courts generally interpreted as any sex act that does not lead to procreation, as homosexual practices, they applied equally to heterosexual couples.

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