'Teens Are Part Of The Community,' Too


This is a response to Dennis Bellemore's rebuttal to my previous letter, "Give Teens A Chance."

Teens are a part of the community. They work in the stores and shop in the stores. Many teens have as much money to spend as adults.

But, store employees treat adults with courtesy and respect. This courtesy is something very few employees show to teens. Instead of being seen as potential customers, we are seen as potential shoplifters. Some teens do shoplift and cause trouble, but just like adults, there are good ones and bad ones.

I was discriminated against because of my age, and because of that, the store has lost my business. All I'm asking is that employees not label teens as shoplifters or troublemakers, just because of our age.

Danielle Goebel, Eighth-grade student, Rim Country Middle School

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