Atv Damage Makes For Rough Landings


This letter is in reference to the issue of the riders of the 4-wheelers and other ATV vehicles in the Star Valley area. I am not writing regarding the pros or cons as I have a 4-wheeler and also have horses that I enjoy using in the outdoors.

I do not live in Star Valley. I am a member of the Rim Country Flyers, which is an organization of remote control airplane enthusiasts. The county has graciously allowed us a piece of property at the old Star Valley dump where we have an airstrip to fly our planes. We have had no problems in the past as long as we were within eyesight of the maintenance yard, and we have been at this site for years.

Recently, however, we moved our site just a little farther away from the buildings and now it seems that after all the flyers go home, we have a few select 4-wheelers who wish to use our site (airstrip and shed site) for a place to spin broadies and create ruts.

There has been a lot of time, hard work and expense put into this new site. The ruts do seem to wreak havoc on the planes as they land, not to speak of the danger of someone tripping on unsafe ground.

The 4-wheelers have the county pit below and lots of other areas in which to ride. We watch them all the time enjoying themselves and have no problem with that. We simply wish that those few who seem to have a destructive bone in their bodies would have a little more respect for the other people who want to relax and enjoy in their own way.

I would hope that all the 4-wheeler enthusiasts would pass the word that destruction is not a way to keep people on your side and that respect for others is a way of life. We don't want to create a war, but to just have fun.

Teri Peterson, The Rim Country Flyers

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