Conservationists Shouldn't Subsidize Water Guzzlers


I was delighted to see some serious discussion about our water issue during (the last) council meeting. I think that the town hydrologist made a good presentation.

I agree with Payson Town Councilman Ken Murphy and (Town Manager Rich) Underkofler that conservation alone will not solve our problems. The town is growing too fast and there is a continuing drive to bring in more business and more population.

I believe that the answer to the water usage is to scale water rates to usage. The current water rates do not encourage conservation by low-water users. As an example, I present myself, using 700 gallons of water per month. My usage is less than one third of the (water department's goal) 85 gallons per person per day.

With such low water usage, my water bill should fall to a very low level. But instead, my water bill was increased in January of this year.

I believe that the base water rate should be rolled back, and the rates for increased usage should be increased on a linear scale. That way, those who are using the water won't be subsidized by those of us who are low-water consumers.

Frederick Franz, Payson

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