Drug Ads Should Be Booted Off Tv


Is anyone else sick of seeing television ads for prescription medicines every 15 minutes?

Since when does the patient tell the doctor what medicines they need?

Pharmaceutical companies are spending millions of totally wasted dollars instead of pricing their so-called "drugs" at a reasonable price.

Do any of these ads affect the prescription a doctor will write you for your ailment? I seriously doubt it.

So who's getting rich from this madness? The television stations. And the drug companies, Its a tax write-off.

I strongly suggest the greed of the drug companies and stations be brought under government control. After all our wonderful government totally controls every other aspect of our lives. Why doesn't the government step in and stop this?

Easy answer: Lobbyists for the drug companies give millions to our so-called "elected leaders".

What a joke. I'm not laughing, are you?

Jerry Covington, Rye

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