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Once again, it appears that our town officials and the Citizens Awareness Committee have decided to play hardball and discourage a small manufacturing business from relocating to Payson.

The loss of 35-50 good paying jobs with benefits, and millions of dollars circulating around the Payson business community, seems to make these people happy. While we try to find work and struggle to raise our families, they claim to know what is best for us and our town.

Payson prides itself on being such a beautiful little town with so much to offer. Payson, I have one question for you? Where is your heart? If your working class means nothing more to you than someone who waits on you, and supplies your every need, then I'm afraid you have lost more than just another small manufacturing business.

What really says more about a community, another ball field or swimming pool or the opportunity to create decent paying jobs to feed and clothe your children and grandchildren? Let's get our priorities straight. When we talk about raising the quality of life in Payson, what are we really talking about?

We have all heard the rhetoric and excuses why we can't allow decent paying jobs to come to town. Our officials and CAC have put out the word to all companies, if you want to bring good paying jobs to Payson, be prepared to pay, pay, pay.

I ask, is this the type of leadership we want?

I have always believed that the most important asset of a community is its people, not its land. If you can't fill the real needs of your people, then as a community, you have failed. It sickens me to think that these people put more value on some weed-filled lots than that of their neighbors and friends.

The CAC, in their own literature, claim to be a nonprofessional group of Payson citizens trying to keep our town an affordable place to live. I ask, affordable for whom? Themselves? They also state that the needs of the existing population should be the town's first priority. If jobs and a decent salary are not the most important needs of our town, what it?

Some of the CAC members told me they were not very informed about certain businesses trying to move to Payson. If you are not very well informed, how can you make a decision on what is best for your town? There is a difference between monitoring your local government, and just being argumentative for your own personal gains.

Our young people face a very difficult decision to stay in Payson and attempt to live on inadequate wages and never realize the American dream of owning their own home, or leaving family and friends to find a community that will meet their needs.

And what about the elderly, and retired of our community? Are you prepared to continue to pay higher and higher taxes for the privilege of living here? When will you or your neighbor be forced into moving? Would not small manufacturing businesses, which would have no effect on your lifestyle, be helpful in paying these increased taxes?

Bringing business to Payson is about more than just jobs, it's about bettering the lives of all Payson's people.

Out town leaders are always talking about low-cost housing for the community. Without jobs and the hope of a better way of life, no homes can be built cheap enough for the working community to afford. But give these people a decent job opportunity, and many of the existing homes in Payson become affordable.

I ask the town officials, and the CAC members, please, for the sake of your town and its people, stop bickering and let's really work together for all of Payson. Payson's top priority is jobs. Let's go get them!

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