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Q: Who do you call for pickup of dead wild animals in a greenbelt area? The police told me Game and Fish. At first, they said they'd come, but then they called back and said it's not their job.

A: According to Craig McMullen, a field supervisor for Arizona Game and Fish, the last thing you were told was the right one it's not their job. A greenbelt, he said, is generally considered an undeveloped area that runs through or around a neighborhood. Whoever owns the greenbelt often a homeowners' association is responsible for removing dead wild animals. If you find a dead wild animal on your own property an increasingly common occurrence in these parts you are responsible for removal. "We will occasionally help out someone who is elderly, but unless we suspect a crime has been committed we stay out of it," McMullen said. "This is a 'fence-them-out' state."

Bonnie Davis, animal control officer for the Town of Payson, said she often tells people who have a dead wild animal on their property to call an exterminator. However, if you find a live wild animal within town limits, especially one that's acting strange, call animal control at 474-5177. "We want to get them off the streets," Davis said. "We just picked up a skunk and had it tested for rabies. Fortunately, it was negative."

Brad Scott, rabies control officer for Gila County, said the county will pick up dead foxes and bats because of the rabies danger, but not other wild animals like javelinas and squirrels. "We don't respond to 95 percent of the calls we get," he said. "But people should never touch an animal that's down without latex gloves or a shovel."

Q: What's going on with the Safeway gas station that was supposed to be built in the Safeway parking lot?

A: It got pushed way down on the list of priorities, according to Deborah Albery of Safeway's Valley office. "We just got hit with a bunch of unexpected projects, and what was once a high priority has slipped down near the bottom of the list." Albery says things can change, and if and when a timetable is established, she'll let us know.

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