County Looking For Recycling Customers


Since Ty Tabar officially trashed his recycling business in March, the Gila County Attorney's office has been working on damage control and trying to find as many dissatisfied customers as possible.

"We need to determine a means of finding out who the subscribers are," Gila County Attorney Jim Hazel said.

Tabar first came to town last summer with Arizona Recycling Curbside Specialists and a plan to offer residents curbside recycling services for newspapers, magazines, bottles and cans.

By November, more than 400 residents had plunked down $19.20 each for a year's worth of service, but the program was plagued with obstacles from the start.

When collections began last fall, Tabar started out by depositing the recyclables in a storage unit on Main Street until he could figure out how to transport the rubbish to a Valley recycling center. He filled the storage unit and five roll-off containers he borrowed from Waste Management.

Within months, the mountain of blue and white plastic bags had reached its peak, and Tabar was forced to abandon the program.

In April weeks after Tabar's program disintegrated Hazel's office sent Tabar a letter asking what his intentions were as far as repaying his customers. Tabar responded, indicating that he intends to repay as many of his customers as possible.

Hazel is looking for those customers to ensure that everyone is satisfied with the outcome.

To add your name to the list of recycling customers, contact Hazel's office in Payson at 474-4068.

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