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At the end of a day of fishing, I often talk to the other fishermen who are getting off the water.

It's amazing how much a person can learn from comparing notes with another angler who experienced the same conditions on the water. You might find similarities in depth, geography or even time frames that you would have otherwise missed. These clues can help piece things together to form a more solid pattern for the next trip to the lake.

This week most of the fish in our desert lakes have moved all the way out of the backwater areas and positioned themselves on the mainlake. Look for baitfish out there and you'll find bass nearby.

Lake Reports

Alamo Fishing is good. White spinnerbaits and topwaters are catching fish early. Plastics are working well during the day. Crappie fishing is also good.

Apache Fishing is good. Try fishing topwaters and jerkbaits on flats. If the wind is up, fish a jerkbait with a lot of flash to catch some smallies.

Bartlett Fishing is fair. Yamamoto Senkos fished slowly around artificial structure are catching some fish. Try live bait for flatheads in the river.

Pleasant Fishing is good. Soft jerkbaits and topwaters are still catching lots of fish in the low-light hours. Carolina rigged worms and lizards are producing during the day in 20-30 feet of water.

Roosevelt Fishing is good. Topwaters and jerkbaits are working in clear water. The crankbait bite should start picking up as well. Catfishing is good. Janice from the Butcher Hook says live bait near the river arms of the lake has been producing some big cats.

Saguaro Fishing is fair. Big topwaters could produce a monster largemouth. Try fishing points with deep water off the end.

San Carlos Fishing is fair for crappies. Some bass are being caught on spinnerbaits and topwaters.

Cliff's Tip of the Week

Sometimes bass hit a topwater lure so violently that they miss the bait or completely blow it out of the water. With a little patience these fish can still be caught if you don't pull the bait away. After the blowup continue to work the bait like it has been wounded. If the fish strikes again, watch your bait to see if the fish has a hold of it. If so, set the hook. If not, continue to work the bait. This strategy takes an enormous amount of patience.

Don't give up if it doesn't work the first time. Sometimes the fish will continue to strike until the bait is caught. Remember, there could be a whole school of fish competing for the bait.

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