Repealing 'Sex Laws' Was Long Overdue


In his (May 5) letter bemoaning the passage of HB2016 "Sex bill will have devastating effects" Mr. Leonard focuses solely on homosexual behavior. As the editor notes, this was only one of many different types of conduct proscribed by the laws that HB2016 repealed. The repealed "sex laws" have already had devastating effects.

Just about 20 years ago, a single woman who had completed law school and passed the bar exam with flying colors was denied the right to practice law for nearly five years on grounds of immorality. Her "crime" was co-habitating. Her partner in crime, a single male, who at the time was an active member of the Bar, was neither suspended nor disciplined in any respect.

This country has too many laws. It behooves us to rid ourselves of them whenever possible, especially when they are unenforced or, even worse, selectively enforced.

Unfortunately, some folks just aren't content to exercise their own free will and live their own lives as they see fit. They also seem to think that they have the right to dictate to others how to live as well.

In many instances, they justify this by saying essentially that the Bible says such conduct is wrong in God's eyes. Apparently, they weren't giving too much weight to Jesus' various statements to the effect that "he who is without sin shall cast the first stone" or "judge not lest ye be judged."

Our rights are precious. You can't infringe upon the rights of others without doing injury to your own rights. Religious fundamentalists prefer to reference the Bible when making laws. In this country, however, one should first reference the U.S. Constitution, or at least that part that requires separation of church and state.

You can't legislate morality, Mr Leonard, you can only teach it.

Christopher M. O'Donnell, Payson

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