Silent Majority In Payson Silent Too Long


It is time for the silent majority in Payson to speak up. For too long, we have sat quiet while a small group of people attempts to run the community by intimidation and irresponsible claims.

Remember, last election we overwhelmingly rejected these people and their negative rhetoric. We voted for positive, reasonable and visionary councilmembers who are trying to do the job we elected them to do: develop economic growth that provides and keeps a community healthy and provides benefit for all our citizens.

It is a sad statement that we, the citizens of Payson, have allowed this small group the forum to express their negative views to the point that a viable, important and clean industry like the Door Stop feels it is not welcome in Payson. The Door Stop is exactly the kind of business we need in our community.

Don't let this opportunity pass us by, like we have other opportunities. The mayor and councilmembers need to hear from us, the majority who elected them. They are only hearing the negative, sometimes threatening and vocal minority. Do not let apathy destroy Payson. Speak up!

Jim and Judy Buettner, Payson

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