Chamber Should Promote From Within


The many years I have spent in the United States Army have convinced me that civilians just love to do things the hard way.

The (Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce) Board is out and about looking for a replacement director not a CEO which leaves the position and related functions in limbo.

Along comes Mr. (Shakey Joe) Harless with what seems to be a novel idea (in his May 25 letter to the editor), and boy, is he ever right. This whole situation isn't as hard as it is being made out to be, but Lord, don't we love to complicate our lives.

Following 100 percent with Mr. Harless, with an idea that isn't too "Shakey," I suggest that Janet Crane be promoted from within, and someone else move into the present position. Promotion within an organization makes use of knowledge on hand, time is not wasted getting (a person's) feet on the ground, and since Janet has been doing parts of both jobs for over three years, who, I ask you, fits the guidelines that Mr. Harless outlined, better?

She has years of local knowledge to draw upon from her position within the chamber and on the rodeo committee. She has seen and heard things that would allow her to avoid further conflicts. Given support and the community's true desire to make Payson prosper, I'll bet she could even mend some fences. How would you like that task?

Mr. Harless is 100-percent correct in his beliefs. Were I you, Payson, I would be on the phone to the chamber board of directors to get Janet a new title and Payson back on track, now!

John Angell Sr.


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