Council Needs To Speed Up Street Repairs


Why is the (Payson Town) Council crying about never having enough money for street repair?

(According to the 2000 census), Payson has (5,243) more residents (than 10 years ago). All of them pay taxes and buy food, gas, lumber, hardware, etc.

When the new mayor and council were elected, street repair was high on their "to do" list, after the library. It seems the streets have fallen down on the list of priorities. They always find money for new studies, analyses or investigations, while our streets are in terrible condition.

Why was North McLane from Forest to Airport not finished? Longhorn, past the high school, is bad; Manzanita, between Highway 260 and Timber, is bad; East Bonita at the Beeline stoplight is bad, only to mention a few.

Chip sealing is not the answer it's a waste of time and money. No one is saying to do it all at once, just show us some effort; start somewhere.

Another thing, why in heaven's name are they dragging their feet on the Door Stop? What are these groups that have so much influence over the council? I think we deserve to know their names. They are doing a disservice to Payson.

Donna Dwyer


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