I Hope Payson Will Again Have Opportunity To Recycle'


I would like to comment on the failed ARCS recycling that came to Payson last fall. (I think) that Ty Tabor and his recycling plan were a scam to begin with, as there was no plan on how the recyclables would be transported to the Valley. If he didn't have a plan for that, did he even have a plan for the actual recycling?

My husband and I were among the 400 or so persons here in Payson that believe in recycling so we made a payment to ARCS. Fortunately, I only paid for six months, as I had doubts the company would be successful.

Mr. Tabor assured me when I called the Phoenix phone number the town was given, that if the service didn't last, I'd receive a refund. Mr Tabor even told me to write on the face of my check "ARCS will refund any balance on check for unused service." Actually, every person who wrote a check to ARCS should get a full refund, as the materials we all put out for recycling were never recycled.

The sad part about all this in my mind is that our town council supported this failed service. A few years ago when we had a legitimate recycling company in town, the powers that be didn't give that company much support. I feel that the recycling plant we had in town at that time would have been successful if the town's people had been given more encouragement to recycle.

With time, that company might have been able to handle home pick-ups. My husband and I took our recyclables to the plant out by the airport. I was very saddened when the company was forced to close its doors. It was a real shame that the owners lost their investment.

My husband and I came from an area where the disposal companies were required to sponsor recycling. In fact, we had Waste Management in that state. I realize that unless Waste Management has recycling in the Valley, they wouldn't be able to handle recycling here in Payson.

I do hope that Payson will again have the opportunity to recycle junk mail, plastics, tin cans, glass, etc. I didn't include aluminum cans, as we always donate them to the Humane Society.

Lou Haggins


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