Remember The People Who Must Pay For Improvements'


(Regarding the May 15 editorial) "Economic pills can be hard to swallow:"That much of this particular (opinion) is certainly true, especially if this prescription for economic ills is followed.

It makes it easier to understand the "pills" recommended if one remembers that the newspaper and author derives most of its income from advertising, not from us retired taxpayers.

It has been raining in this area many more years than the rodeo has been held, so it should be no surprise that it rains. It also gets hot at times. If we want the rodeo attendees to be really comfortable, we should not only put a roof on, but air conditioning also. Upholstered padded seating might be nice, also.

But since the rodeo only lasts for a few days, wouldn't it be more cost effective to just provide free umbrellas? We could even put advertising on the umbrellas.

As for pill No. 2, I won't even comment. In our concern for the businesses, fast food restaurants, motels and gas stations, we might remember the people who must pay for these improvements.

Tom Crom, Sr.


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