Wake Up And Speak Up Payson


The guest comment in the May 22 Payson Roundup was a letter to Vice-Mayor Dick Wolfe from James Hill, president of Western Cabinet Doors, Inc.

The contents of the letter should be a wake-up call for the residents of Payson who want our community to have healthy growth, good-paying jobs and a quality of life that children can grow up in and enjoy as adults.

The opposition to new business and job growth in Payson is a small group of 80 people who formed a registered political group called the Citizens Awareness Committee. (It was) featured in an article in the March 9 Payson Roundup (titled) "Taking Town Hall to task."

The CAC claims it wants the Payson Town Council to serve all the people of the Town of Payson. CAC members think new jobs will bring more people to Payson, who will use more of our water and destroy the quality of life of those currently living in Payson. As Mr. Hill points out, most of the jobs will be filled by Payson residents, and the only water he will use is drinking fountains and toilets.

According to the 2000 Census, the population of Payson was 13,620 people. Subtracting the membership of the 80 people who belong to CAC, and councilmembers Ken Murphy and Hoby Heron, who are sympathetic to the CAC cause, that leaves 13,538 residents of Payson who have not been heard from, and are the majority of "all the people" the CAC claims it wants served.

It is time that the majority of the people of Payson speak up and tell the town council what they want the future to hold for them and their families, and not let a small group speak for them. It is time to write letters to the town council or the Payson Roundup. Better yet, (it's time to) appear at the town council meetings and let them know we support new business with higher-paying jobs that will help give us a better quality of life.

If you agree that our town needs a new business like the Door Stop, then write a letter to Mr. James Hill and encourage him to move his business to Payson.

Do not let the tail wag the dog. The majority of our town must support the majority of our town council. The minority of the town council that supports the CAC and its effort to polarize the council, may be dealt with in future elections.

Yes Payson, it is time to wake up and speak up. Let your voice be heard at Town Hall.

Gordon Metcalf


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