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Q: Last week, I was at my son's awards program for the Longhorn baseball season and noticed once again that Coach (Ted) Pettet showed up driving a town vehicle. Since then, I've seen him show up at other private functions, and am curious why the town allows its employees to attend private functions in town vehicles?

A: According to Town Manager Rich Underkofler and Parks Director Bill Schwind, Pettet has only been driving a town vehicle for two weeks. The awards program was held at Rumsey Park, and Pettet drove a town vehicle there because he also had to turn on the park lights. "We fully understand the town policy regarding personal use of vehicles, and it is not abused," Schwind said.

Q: When do the summer concerts in the park start again? They were great last year and we look forward to them again this year.

A: Concert Under the Stars is a Town of Payson-sponsored eight-week summer concert series held in the grassy amphitheater at Green Valley Park. The season begins at 7 p.m. Saturday, June 23 with big-band vocals and standards by Al Raitano. For a complete concert schedule and a compilation of other Rim country summer events, pick up your free copy of the Roundup's Rim Country Summer Visitors Guide at our office at 708 N. Beeline Highway, the Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce at the intersection of the Beeline Highway and Main Street or other locations around the Rim country.

Q: Why were there surveyors in the meadow along Payson Parkway just north of the new backstops in Rumsey Park last Thursday?

A: Surveyors come under the purview of LaRon Garrett, town public works engineer. "If it was something for the town, they may have been setting up some control points for the topography shots that need to be done for the new multi-use field that's going in there," he said. "They've been doing some work out there." The other possibility, Garrett ventured, is that they were hired by one of the private lot owners to the north.

Q: In the Friday, May 25, edition of the Roundup, there was an ad that refers to a 1031 exchange. What is a 1031 exchange?

A: According to Anthony Alfano of Payson Real Estate Exchangers, who says he has written a book on the subject, a 1031 exchange allows investment real estate to be exchanged to avoid a capital gain. "If, for example, a piece of property you acquired for $100,000 is now valued at $200,000, you would theoretically have to pay taxes when you sell on your 100-percent gain," Alfano said. "If, however, you took that property that's now worth $200,000 and leveraged it into a $500,000 investment, you would not have to pay taxes on it."

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