Q: Did Pine Country Communications Go Out Of Business When Canyon State Took Over Dispatching Emergency Vehicles?


Q: Did Pine Country Communications go out of business when Canyon State took over dispatching emergency vehicles?

A: No, just the dispatching part. Owner Rick Hill said he was losing about $1,900 a month.
"So many people have voice mail and cell phones now that our clients dropped from 93 in 1994 to 41 this year," Hill said.
Pine Country Communications is "still doing satellite TV and security alarm systems," Hill said.
And Hill still owns Pine Country Outfitters which offers hunting, archery, hiking and camping gear.
Incidentally, when Pine Country Outfitters moves to the Rim Country Mall hopefully in two to four weeks their new facility will feature a full indoor archery range with eight lanes. It will not only be available for practice shooting, but also for tournaments and leagues.
Hill also wants to point out that the only reason his dispatchers were allowed to watch TV is because it was part of their job responsibilities when they were providing answering services for the local cable TV company.

Q: Rim Travel has served Payson for almost two decades and now it's just gone. What happened?

A: Owner Bryan Siverson said it was time to get out of the travel business.
"The airlines continue cutting commissions," he said. "They've gone from 10 percent to 8 percent to 5 percent to 2.5 percent to 2 percent.
"Now it's $10 a ticket, even on international flights."
That, Siverson said, makes it difficult to turn a profit.
"The Internet-only specials have also hurt," he said. "The airlines' goal is to put (travel) agencies out of business."
On a positive note, Siverson expresses his appreciation to his loyal patrons over the years.
"We always had a lot of great customers," he said.

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