Time To Picket Gasoline Stations Again



That low rumbling and grumbling sound you hear around town is the automobile driving portion of the populace reacting to the prices charged for gasoline here.

I have just recently returned from a trip through the states of New Mexico, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Texas. Surprisingly there was little reason for me to grumble about gasoline prices. They ranged from $.99 (although I didn't fill up as I had just done so a few miles back) to $1.029 except for one station in New Mexico, which matched Payson's $1.389.

basis of "what the traffic will bear." So much so that I led a picketing campaign against high gas prices three years ago. We did, following the picketing, enjoy a period of reasonable prices. However, over the last few months they have been continuing to rise steadily. If a station in Oklahoma can make a living at $1.029, it would appear that we are back to "what the traffic will bear." Starting the first week in November, if the prices continue this spiral, I, along with others, will be resuming a picketing campaign on the local stations.

I have a log of the prices I paid in the above noted states. Should anyone doubt the veracity of these numbers, I have receipts for every gallon I purchased.

Hopefully, the local stations reading this letter will wish to avoid a picketing campaign and will again lower their prices to a reasonable amount.

Harold Snyder

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