Witness Discovers Importance Of Child Seats


As he held 18-month-old Bodie Mully next to his mother's overturned vehicle on the Beeline Highway Friday morning, Jack Miller told anybody who would listen, "Child seats do work."

Not far away, Bodie's mother, Chloe Mully of Payson, lay on the ground being treated by Payson Fire Department paramedics. The fact that both mother and son are going to be fine is a testimonial not only to properly installed child seat in use, but also to the use of seat belts, according to Department of Public Safety Officer Vern Havens, who was at the scene of the accident.

"She believes it happened when she reached back to pick up a toy for the child," Havens said. "She went into the median, overcorrected, went back onto the road, overcorrected again and went back into the median, then rolled the vehicle onto its roof."

Miller, who lives in Scottsdale, was ahead of Mully as she drove south on the Beeline about a half mile south of Mazatzal Casino. He watched the accident happen in his rearview mirror, and was the first person to reach Mully's vehicle.

"When I got to them, the little boy was hanging upside down without a scratch on him," he said. "He wasn't even crying. Their lucky stars were out today."

Both mother and child were transported to Payson Regional Medical Center, where they were treated for bumps and bruises, then later released.

"I thanked her over and over again for having the seat properly installed and the child properly restrained," Havens said.

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