Businesses' Donation Was Appreciated



Re: Sunstate Equipment Company and Crew:

On behalf of all the members of the Rim Country Flyers, we would like to thank you for your generosity in donating the use of your four-ton roller and one of your employees, Stewart W. Jones.

We had called your office because we wanted to get the equipment to roll out our flying field in Star Valley. We were told that your company not only had the equipment, but also would gladly donate the time and equipment to get the job done. Your employee Mr. Jones was right on time and very helpful. With his knowledge of the equipment and experience, we were able to complete the project in record time.

We are a small club trying to promote the hobby of remote control aircraft flying to people of all ages in the community and appreciate very much the helping hand your company has shown. I myself have lived in Payson for the past 30 years and find it very refreshing to see a local business such as yours extend a helping hand to make this a better community. Once again, we wish to thank you and praise you for your generosity and community spirit.

Larry L. Peterson

Vice president, Rim Country Flyer

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