Q: What's up with the fenced school property on the southwest corner of Meadow and Wade? It's a real fire hazard with trash and weeds and brush. It doesn't look like it's been touched in years.

A: It's actually the Northwest corner, according to Joe Martin, director of support operations for the Payson Unified School District.

"It predates my time, but the fence was put up because of a problem with truancy and smoking on the Payson High School campus at that corner," Martin said. "It was an effort to control that area by the previous administration, and one that I don't necessarily agree with."

Martin believes it would have made more sense to clear the area instead of fencing it. Since it was put up, another section was added to close off the rocks and keep students from hiding behind them.

Q: When does the county plan to restripe the part of Houston Mesa Road that was recently repaved near Mesa del Caballo? It's hard to see at night without any markings on the road.

A: It won't be much longer, Nyra Hillery, administrative assistant for public works said.

"We're surveying it today (Tuesday) and hope to have it striped by the end of the month."

The delay, she says, was caused by scheduling issues.

"We contracted this out, and everything just needed to be coordinated," Hillery said.

Q: I was scheduled for upcoming surgery with Dr. Brian Peters but my surgery and appointments were suddenly canceled. When I called his office, I learned that he had canceled all appointments but I didn't get a clear explanation as to why. I know other patients who have the same questions.

A: Dr. Peters told us he has temporarily relocated his offices.

"I'm not seeing patients at the hospital or scheduling new patients at this time," Peters said. "But I'll be happy to visit with current patients one on one and answer their questions."

His temporary offices are located inside the Cord Specialty Center at 111 E. Frontier Street. Current patients can call 468-5100 for an appointment.

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