Americans Are Our Own Worst Enemy



We are our own worst enemy, the media with an astonishing audacity for digging, scrambling, and mentioning everything in the news or television newscast. All the enemy has to do is turn on their television set and get all the information they need, and they are doing just that.

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld making his report to the nation, as he chews his lips, as if chewing snuff, as he speaks to the nation, he wants to effect the most radical change to America's military in at least a generation, but it's just too big and he hasn't been able to distill a catch phrase; it's not bumper-stickerable, so he says.

Now that November is here, Nov. 1, for Korean Vets, the Northernmost U.S. Action of Korean War (1950). Battle of Dak To began (1967. The Invasion of North Africa (1942) First all-Jet Combat in history (1950). US Marine Corps established (1775). Signing of World War I Armistice (1918). Veterans Day is on Nov. 11. The battle of the Chosen Reservoir (1950). Then comes our Thanksgiving Day, once called Armistice Day, Veterans Day celebrated Nov. 11 is a special holiday to remind the nation of veterans contributions and sacrifices to America. Please consider taking a part in veterans ceremonies, parades. Contact the American Legion, the Elks, Moose Lodge or your local newspaper the Roundup.

Lawrence D. Okendo


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