I'Ll Buy All My Gas In The Valley



Shame on you, Payson! You deserve to pay the higher gas prices! Almost everyone to whom I talked about the high gas prices in Payson agreed that the prices are way too high and that something should be done about. Some of you even signed up to picket the gas stations with us, but no one showed up! Even though we can't prove it in a court of law, everyone in this town knows were are being ripped off by the greedy, uncaring gas station owners in this community. The national average price for gas is presently $1.22 and you can buy it almost anywhere in the valley for $1.14 to $1.16 per gallon, and what are we paying in Payson? Today's prices are from $1.36 to $1.39 per gallon. That's 22 to 25 cents more per gallon than Phoenix. I'd like to support our local merchants, but I will not be ripped off like this. I'll buy all my gas in the future in the Valley. The rest of you can continue to pay the high prices!

Don Castleman


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