Payson Students 'Intelligent, Thoughtful'



I just moved to Payson from Fargo (not the movie), N.D. (not South Dakota)

I moved for two reasons: family located there and cold weather. It has been one positive pleasant sunrise after another. Far too many to mention.

I had the opportunity through my Kiwanis Club to interview six high school seniors from Payson High School as a part of their English job skills development project. I thought that I had somehow drawn the six most intelligent, thoughtful, motivated, polite, well spoken (I could go on) students in Payson, in Arizona and in America, but upon reflection I believe that these must be typical of what Payson High School is turning out.

What an honor and privilege. I had heretofore come to believe that we were going to hell in a hand basket. Not anymore. If these young adults are what America's future holds, I am hanging around a while and buying more stock in America.

Congratulations, Payson educators.

William D. Powers


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