Council Needs To Hear All Comments



I am deeply concerned when the Mayor or members of the town council resort to name calling, referring to those who attend council meetings to express their point of view and that point of view is at variance with the view of the council members.

Do they fail to realize how important it is to hear opposing views or alternative pathways in order to make a balanced decision? Do they assume that the people attending the meetings are expressing their own views only?

There are many in Payson who do not attend council meetings because they do not drive at night or find the time inconvenient. We listen to the TV broadcast, when we can hear the meeting discussions clearly, and agree or disagree based on the arguments presented. It is a dangerous precedent to move public comments to the end of the meeting away from the proposals. It gives the appearance of not wanting to hear anything of a negative nature.

Indeed, some of the comments are in support of the subject matter.

We are in a sad situation here in Payson if we continue this practice. We need to hear all the comments, whether we attend the meeting or not, at the time they are relevant.

Carl Scholz


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