Moph Driving Force Behind Memorial



Either it was due to lack of knowledge, or perhaps research, that (APS manager Jim Spencer's) letter of thanks to the various contributors for the veterans memorial neglected to mention the MOPH.

Allow me to enlighten you. The MOPH is the organization that is limited to combat wounded veterans of any enemy action. The MOPH was the catalyst for the veterans memorial not the American Legion, as has been implied.

The MOPH contributed the seed money and requested the various organization join together and launch the memorial some years ago. The MOPH laid the groundwork so far as having a local attorney volunteer to incorporate the committee as a nonprofit corporation, so donors could deduct their contribution on their income taxes. The MOPH investigated the site location with the Public Works Department as well as the Parks and Recreation department.

When the writer became ill, he asked Sherman Alston to take over the committee, which he did. Legionnaire Alston did an exceptionally fine job although neglecting to incorporate as nonprofit in order for the care taking by the veterans for perpetuity. Not requesting the town to take over the responsibility. We MOPH veterans like to think we take care of all veterans.

I hope this clarifies some of the project that you obviously were not aware of!

Jack Sheahan

Chairman, Military Order of the Purple Heart


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