Project Blue Light Honors Fallen Officers


"To protect and serve" has taken its toll on law enforcement. The 70 New York police officers killed Sept. 11 represent the deadliest day in law enforcement history.

The 10-year average is 154 deaths per year. The police deaths of Sept. 11 will destroy the curve of statistics. Remembering those lives that were lost will never mean more than it does this year.

There is a way you can show your support for those who have died and those who continue in their footsteps.

Payson Police Chaplain Gary Knighton has been the driving force behind "Project Blue Light" for the last three years.

During the holiday season, Thanksgiving to New Year's Day, people are asked to include blue lights in their holiday decoration plans.

"I would like to encourage the citizens of Payson to place a blue light in a window, front porch lamp or street lamp this holiday season in memory of police officers killed in the line of duty and to honor police officers who daily risk their lives to keep our town safe," Knighton said.

Knighton said he would like to see the town saturated with blue lights.

"It is my prayer that businesses, churches and all the citizens of Payson will join in this effort," Knighton said. "In light of Sept. 11, this is the least our town can do to show our support for the men and women in blue."

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