Q: When will the town ever repave Manzanita Drive south of Timber Drive? It must be the worst street in town and it was scheduled to be paved three or four years back. Is Airport Road eating the streets budget?

A: Manzanita Drive is currently scheduled to be repaved during the 2002-2003 fiscal year, although no money has yet been allocated, according to Public Works Engineer LaRon Garrett. But there is another alternative.

The Town Council voted last week to hold a special bond election on March 12 to authorize the sale of $3.8 million in general obligation bonds to accelerate street improvements on Manzanita Drive from Highway 260 to Timber Drive, as well as McLane Road from Forest Drive to Airport Road, South Mud Springs Road from Highway 260 to Frontier Drive, and on various neighborhood streets not accepted by the town for maintenance where property owners are willing to pay 50 percent of the cost. The specific projects were selected by the town's Ad Hoc Debt Management Committee as recommended in the town's Strategic Plan.

"If the bond issue passes, Manzanita will be brought forward into next year's budget," Garrett said. "The only catch is that we're looking at a developer of an adjacent property putting some money into it. If that property isn't developed, we probably wouldn't have the money."

Q: A petition with 1,476 signatures was recently presented to the Payson Town Council to stop building new subdivisions until we have enough water. Those 1,476 people have a right to know what happened. Are the town fathers going to take any action, or is this going to end up in the circular file?

A: "This petition is available for everyone on the council to review," said Payson Mayor Ray Schum. "I really believe this is such a big and important issue it should be the number one issue in the coming campaign. It could affect the real estate values of everybody who lives here."

But the mayor doesn't think all those who sign a petition necessarily believe in the cause it espouses.

"All too often people sign a petition and they don't know what they've signed," he said. "You'd have to know how it was presented."

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