What's Up?


Q: What's going on with the improvements to McLane Road?

A: Officially known as McLane Road Phase 3, the project includes the stretch of McLane between Main Street and Goodfellow Road. At its meeting last Thursday, the Payson Town Council voted 7-0 to acquire the necessary right of way to proceed.

At $1 per square foot, it will cost the town about $42,000 to acquire the right of way and easements it needs, and to relocate a park model travel trailer that's in the way.

Construction is scheduled to begin in February, and when it's all done, hopefully in June or July, that stretch of some 3,000 feet will feature three lanes, curb and gutter, bike paths on both sides, and a sidewalk on the east side, according to Public Works Engineer LaRon Garrett.

Q: Councilmember Barbara Brewer mentioned at the Town Council meeting last week that Cathy Melvin, the town's grant writer, is leaving. When and why?

A: Melvin is leaving Dec. 7 for a similar position with the Town of Florence.

"It's more money," she said. "They made me a really good offer."

Melvin said she has had a lot of second thoughts, and she'll miss Payson.

"The town is great and the staff has been wonderful," she said.

Florence, she said, is very progressive about economic development. The town has about 17,000 residents including the inmates of three prisons located there.

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