Airport Expansion Everybody's Concern



I became aware of some future plans for the airport that are alarming to me and should be alarming to other citizens of the town. It is in reference to the planned expansion of the airport to accept commercial traffic. What is really alarming, however, is the possibility of having flight schools move their businesses up here. Just think what that means. We will have touch and go activities going on, students learning to fly solo etc. We know that it is not unusual for heavy winds to suddenly come up and most pilots who are skilled have trouble with crosswinds when they are landing. I know that to be true because my brother has been a pilot since World War II and he has told me that crosswinds can be especially tricky if the wind is gusty. A student would be especially at risk under those conditions.

The whole town will be affected by the possible danger of this activity,. In particular, the residents of Payson North, Alpine Heights, Alpine Village and the residents of the Country Club Vista area at the south end of the runway. These areas are all under the takeoff or approach of the airfield. When airplanes make their turn over Alpine Heights, they are only a couple of hundred feet above the ground. The whole middle of the town is under the flight approach path, however so the whole town has the same danger to live with.

I live in Payson North. I enjoy having the airport here and am not against it in any way. However, I think that something like commercial activity, and especially flight schools, should come to a vote of the residents of the town. The town owns the airport and we the taxpaying people are the town. A little extra money in the town coffers is not worth the added noise that will be created. We have enough of that kind of pollution on the ground with all the traffic we have here now.

Howard E. Haggins


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