Disgusted With Council's Action



I, like Ken Murphy, Hoby Herron and Bryan Siverson, am very disgusted with the action taken by the Town Council, which moves public comments to the end of the council meetings. I have had personal experience with the mayor and some members of the Council as well as the town manager, and they especially don't want to hear anything negative. So Ken is correct when he stated they just wanted to shut the people up. Jim Spencer has little room to talk when he states most of the people who speak have special interests. Does he think the people of Payson are stupid, and that he doesn't have special interests, namely growth, to line the pockets of APS.

We need to remember these people come election time, and boot them out. Lets get some good old common sense people in there. Those who don't have an ax to grind.

A.W. "Bill" Pike


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