War On Drugs Just Another Prohibition



Sure Les Barr is for the War on Drugs. Police departments love this "war."

The War on Drugs gives police a motive: CASH.

Federal, state and local police departments receive billions of dollars and equipment from this war. Property, cash are seized often without any charges ever filed against the victims and kept by the "authorities" in what some of us call "the War on Some Drugs," aka "The War on the Bill of Rights." This "war" is simply a recycled version of Prohibition.

Remember the original version of the 1930s the prohibited drug was alcohol, aka "demon rum" ? That "War on Alcohol" didn't work either. One thing it did do was create lots of rich rum-runners the "drug lords" of yesteryear.

One of those rum-running "drug lords" was Joseph Kennedy, father of John, Robert and Teddy. Joe made his millions peddling bootleg liquor which wouldn't have been so expensive if it hadn't been an illegal drug.

Today's "drug lords" may not be as socially acceptable as old Joe, but they are raking in billions for the same reason Joe made his millions: because what they sell is illegal.

The original Prohibition was a dismal failure. Who expects another Prohibition to work today, except those power-hungry police and big government, who directly benefit from it?

What's different about today's "new, improved" Prohibition aside from the unconstitutional seizure and forfeiture provisions, which have nuked the 4th and 5th Amendments is this: the original Prohibition was actually created by a Constitutional amendment (the 18th) and repealed by another one (the 21st).

No Constitutional Amendment was ever passed "prohibiting" demon-marijuana, demon-cocaine, demon-heroin or all the other demon-substances that have replaced "demon-rum" as the alleged downfall of civilization and morality.

Check the 9th and 10th Amendments to see why there's no authority for this failed "war."

The hypocrisy of today's legality of alcohol alongside the illegality of a naturally-growing weed like marijuana, which has medical benefits (see information from the AMA at: www. drcnet.org/wol/191.html#amavote. See also http://www.marijuana-as-medicine.org) should escape no one with half a brain. A cancer-patient can have his property seized and be jailed for 10 years if he grows and smokes marijuana to relieve pain and nausea from chemotherapy.

Mandatory minimum sentences in this War on Some Drugs are responsible for many nonviolent drug users spending more time behind bars than some murderers and rapists who don't have their property seized either.

Don't look for the Prohibition of Some Drugs to be over any time soon.

Big government and the police gain too much power, control and money from keeping it going as long as possible.

T. J. Smith

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