Time Out Was Invited To Attend Memorial



It has come to our attention, from people speaking with our staff members, that some in the community feel that Time Out, Inc. in some way took advantage of the public memorial for Susan Birchak, held at Green Valley Park.

We wish to let everyone know that we were specifically invited by her family, friends and co-workers to be part of the memorial. Our executive director was invited to speak and we were asked to set up two tables with information regarding domestic violence.

There was a journal on the table provided by Suzanne Michaels at KMOG for people to write remembrances of Susan for the family.

There were bookmarks available at the tables which were made by John Birchak as a tribute to Susan and there was a large wooden cross with flowers and a picture of Susan which was made by Time Out staff members.

All arrangements, including the container for donations, were requested and approved by the family and friends of Susan Birchak. We were very pleased to be asked and proud to attend.

Domestic violence awareness was one of Susan's personal causes and she supported us as she knew the need, not only as a professional but also as a victim.

Vliet Hulse, Chairperson

Board of Directors

Time Out, Inc.

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