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Open letter to Mayor Schum:

In reading the Roundup report on the action of the County Redistricting action and your comments, I felt a close association with your reactions to the meeting results.

Your treatment at the county re-districting hearing was certainly not fair. The very idea of the commission having a preconceived decision is unforgivable. And I agree with your statement that they can absolve themselves of any blame, because after all they followed the recommendation of the committee. But, as you point out, who appointed the committee?

And the very idea of not allowing you to speak after you took the trouble to attend the meeting to state your views is completely unacceptable.

I personally have complete empathy with your feelings as you stated them after all, I attend the Payson Town Council meetings regularly and have suffered the same treatment. You are right it isn't fair.

Mr. Mayor, welcome to my world.

Ruby Finney


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