Q: The last broadcast of the Payson Town Council meeting on Channel 7 was not too good. One microphone didn't seem to be working. What's going on?

A: It was the microphone on the podium from which audience members address the council and special presentations are made that wasn't working properly, says KMOG's Dan Haapala. But the problem has been isolated and everything should be back to normal by the Dec. 13 council meeting.

What made the problem difficult to track down was that everything worked normally in council chambers. It was only the audio on the telecast feed that was bad.

It turned out to be a "very little button" on the master board, Haapala said.

"A fingernail had apparently brushed against it and turned it off. The difference between on and off is like 1/16th of an inch," he said.

Q: Is JB's going to reopen or what? It doesn't look all that great to have a vacant restaurant sitting at the busiest intersection in Payson.

A: Payson Community Development Director Bob Gould said things are about to start happening on the northeast corner of highways 87 and 260.

"I just got an e-mail saying the owners are in the final stages of negotiations with another operator and expect to have a restaurant up and operating in another 60-90 days," he said.

But we'll have to wait to find out what kind of restaurant it will be. While Gould has been sworn to secrecy by the owners, he implied that it might not be another JB's.

Stay tuned.

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