A Lesson From The "Hoosiers"



The topic of "hate crimes" discussed in the media for the last couple of weeks is one of great concern. These unfortunate situations have occurred in many areas throughout our country. It seems to happen in both our cities and in rural places. It's a shame because these people have been considered innocent by the police and are friends of the other people in the communities. Somehow there is a tendency to forget a basic American philosophy. For that reason, it is time to review.

About 50 years ago, the city officials in one mid-western town decided to put our American philosophy into words and teach it to the students in the school system there. Prior to this, as it often happened, this information was just understood inside the adults and never deliberately passed down to the next generation.

In the years before this, it was taken for granted but then it turned out to be very important.

Considered something extra from the regular lessons taught by the different churches, it was still backed by church officials too, after it came out. This is what the children learned in elementary school, carried with them through high school and out into adult life.

We are of many nationalities in this country. We work and live together while cooperating with each other. This attitude is based on love and we depend on it for our existence. We live this way so we can depend on each other in times of emergencies. This philosophy is ours. It belongs to us. Please God bless us and care for us.

In addition, it should be mentioned that there was a photo printed in the media the day after the attacks by terrorists in New York City and Washington, D.C. The picture was of a 25-year-old (could have been a little older) Iranian-American, helping his fellow American, a lady covered with ashes, in Manhattan.

He was very much of good American, I'm glad to say. Even though he was really distraught, he had determination on his face. He undoubtedly was one of those described by the media as working right there and becoming a member of a rescue team. He probably saved her life and many others, too. This man was in the right place at the right time.

To digress, his family apparently descended from somewhere in the Middle East and they probably had been Americans for generations. It's always good to be reminded that this kind of American is here too. Another good point to consider is, after World War II, we agreed as Americans never to blame each other. It's not a fair policy. As an aside, the media is to be congratulated for printing the photo. It was timely and had an excellent message.

Please remember, although we're in pain as a nation, we have a duty to bear up and come to our senses. As the song said years ago, "No man is an island. No man stands alone ..." Please, whatever church, temple or synagogue you attend, remember to say your prayers and ask for help from God the father.

Carol Ladewski, M.A., Payson

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