Car Wash Nets $655 For Relief Fund



Friday, Sept. 21, the students of Payson Center for Success High School, held a Benefit for America Car Wash. We were able to raise $655 in about four hours. There were several key components that made this car wash successful. First we'd like to thank the community and those of you who came out and participated in the car wash.

Next we would like to thank Jiffy Lube for letting us use their facility. We made our donation through Compass Bank and they matched it for a total donation of $1310.

We would also like to thank Compass Bank for their contribution.

Last but not least, we would like to thank those students who participated and the staff members Tom Stultz and Nancy Mullikin. These are the people who made this possible, and we couldn't have done it without them.

It is important that as Americans we stand together in our time of need, and last Friday we did just that. With our combined efforts we were able to help those who were affected the most by the Sept. 11 tragedy. The real heroes are those participating in the rescue efforts in New York and D.C. We will never forget what has happened, and we would also like to thank the real heroes in New York and D.C. Thank you again for all of you who helped with the car wash.

Sean Nitso, Car Wash Chairman

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