Man Rescued From Pile Of Cinders


Firefighters worked feverishly Friday to uncover Steve Graziano who was pinned under an end-dump trailer, trapped by a tarp and covered by three feet of cinders.

Personnel from the Diamond-Star Fire Department received the call about a man buried under a pile of rock at Decostone in Star Valley at 11:02 a.m.

They were on scene at 11:04 a.m. and called for additional help from the Payson Fire Department

"Workers were digging in the load of cinders when we arrived, but did not know where he was," Diamond-Star Fire Chief Gary Hatch said. "We began digging and one of our guys found a tarp and felt something as he pushed on it; we knew it had to be him."

Within seven minutes of arriving on scene rescue workers uncovered Graziano's head.

"When we first uncovered him he was not breathing and did not have a pulse," Hatch said. "Within 40 seconds, he took a breath.

"All of us felt that had he remained under there anywhere from 30 seconds to two minutes longer, he would have perished."

Graziano, however, was laying face-down with the lower part of his body trapped under the bed of the trailer.

The jaws of life were put to work to lift the trailer, allowing rescue workers to pull him free.

He was stabilized in an ambulance prior to being transported from the scene by helicopter to Scottsdale Healthcare Hospital at 11:46 a.m.

The accident occurred when Graziano, sales representative for Decostone, was standing near the 40-foot end-dump as it was preparing to empty its load of cinders.

The trailer was in the air when something caused it to shift and tip over.

Graziano reportedly began to run, but did not get out of the way before being struck by the trailer and pinned to the ground. He was subsequently covered by a tarp that tore away from the trailer allowing the cinders to pour on top of him.

Graziano has multiple fractures from his waist down, as well as five broken ribs.

Surgery was also performed on his left foot, which had been partially severed.

As of Tuesday morning, Graziano was out of intensive care. However, doctors were struggling to save his left foot.

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