'Positive' Readers Need To Face Facts



So many letter writers on the water crisis are forgetting the math, massaging the figures, and ignoring the facts. We distinctly remember reading in the June 8 Roundup the screaming headline: "Existing water supplies less than expected".

Then upon re-reading this story, we saw where our town manager has said that the town is providing water for a population of 13,620 and that existing supplies can only serve 15,470 people. He was the one who suggested that the council place a moratorium on new subdivisions. But as he said last week, the council made a political decision to reject that suggestion. It has continued to forge ahead as if we had unlimited water.

And, of course, the council is ignoring the fact that we still have about 2,500 vacant lots within the town boundaries that can be built on at anytime.

These "positive" guys in town who want to keep adding new subdivisions before finding any new water source are doing more than leading the townspeople down the garden path. They ought to be ashamed of themselves. Their true greed is shining through! OK, go write some new letters and massage those facts some more. And keep up your attempts, by all means, to shut up and shut down any and all opposing voices. What nice people!

John Ross, Sr. and Margaret Ross, Payson

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