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Q: In last Tuesday's Roundup, a story said the town council was going to consider lowering the speed limit to 15 mph on all streets around Green Valley Park at its meeting Thursday night. Friday's story on that meeting didn't mention whether they did or not. What happened?

A: The council passed a resolution to implement an unenforced "cautionary" speed limit of 15 mph on Country Club Drive, while also instructing town staff to reduce the number of ducks in the park by close to half in keeping with Arizona Department of Game and Fish recommendations on duck density. Public Works Director LaRon Garrett's suggestion that the council consider lowering the limit on all streets was never considered.

Q: Now that the Beeline "Autobahn" is open, what has the Department of Public Safety done to beef up enforcement of the speed limit? Speeding has gotten ridiculous, and it is downright unsafe.

A: DPS Sgt. Bob Ticer said he hasn't noticed an increase in speeding at all.

"We haven't been given any additional people, so we're just relying on our regular manpower," Ticer said.

Basically there are two squads that "aggressively" patrol the Beeline on a daily basis the Roosevelt squad and the Payson squad each with one or two officers.

On an occasional basis, however, DPS does what it calls speed enforcement details. During those times, days off are changed around to maximize manpower so the entire squad can concentrate on catching speeders when possible with the aid of an aircraft.

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