Common Sense Needed In This Time Of Healing


In the weeks following the terrorist attacks on the East Coast, a few malcontents have reportedly tested security measures at various airports by smuggling banned items onboard.

In a few cases, those passengers were successful.

Illinois resident Gary Kohrmann was not so lucky.

Wednesday, the 46-year-old man was arrested after security found four hard-plastic knives hidden inside his socks.

Carrying a concealed weapon on an aircraft is a federal offense, and the matter was turned over to the FBI to investigate. An FBI spokesman said it doesn't appear that Kohrmann had any connection to the terrorists.

Kohrmann reportedly told police he was carrying the knives to defend himself.

It appears the man suffered from a tragic sense of misguided paranoia. Breaking the law in the name of safety was just plain foolishness and we believe, largely unnecessary. With heightened security from sea to shining sea, this is probably one of the safest times to fly in America.

Do your part to help America back to its feet. Buy a ticket, fly the friendly skies, see a far-away friend.

And don't forget to pack your common sense.

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